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"So I know you’re thinking, “What, me audition to be in an ECCT show?  There’s NO WAY I’m going to do that.”  I used to think that too.  My two daughters have been in numerous shows and while I enjoy watching them and helping behind the scenes, I never thought I would ever be on the same stage performing with them.  But last summer that’s exactly what happened.

My daughters encouraged me to audition for the summer show.  I figured there was truly no time like the present so I found a song I liked and practiced for my audition.  Now my practice wasn’t anything scientific.  I sang along with the song while driving back and forth to work.  By the day of auditions I thought I was ready to sing for the director.  Yes, I was nervous, but everyone there made me feel more at ease.  I sang my song and let out a huge sign of relief.  I even had the opportunity to perform with my kids, which made everything worth it. 

You can do it.  All you need to do is sing a familiar song and wait for the fun to begin.  You won’t regret it."
Sharon McIlquham

"If you can read this, you can audition! Many auditions are nothing more than reading the words from the script. No experience necessary!

I had been a stay-at-home mom for 15 years and I'm not sure what made me do it - perhaps sitting there for my son's umpteenth audition - but I decided to ignore my jitters and audition for a play. No singing required! The audition was easy and painless. Two years and ten shows later, I have had amazing experiences on stage and off, made great friends, and worked with funny, kind, and generous people.

So, if you've ever thought of auditioning, ignore your jitters (and everyone gets them) and do it! You never know what wonderful experiences might lie ahead."
Alicia Klein


Looking for an audition song?  Check out over 1000+ songs on Spotify that will be available at all upcoming ECCT musical auditions requiring a prepared piece!  Just go to 



Sept. 17 & 18 at 5:30pm
Based on the books by Gertrude Chandler Warner

AUDITIONS: Cold readings from the script- no prep needed
ROLES: 2 boys and 2 girls, ages 8-14; 2 males and 2 females ages high school to Adult
REHEARSALS: Generally 3 nights per week from 5:30pm-7pm Mondays throgh Thursday with an ocassional weekend rehearsal Sept. 23-Nov. 1
SHOWS: 4 school matinees and 3 public shows Nov. 2-5, 2017 at The Oxford.

Youth Auditions- Sept. 24 from 1-4pm; Call 715-839-8877 to register for an audition time.
HS/Adult Auditions: Sept. 25 at 7pm

Prepare a 30-60 second cutting from any Broadway or Disney song.  You may use piano, CD, phone or other electronic device. You may not sing a capella.  There will be no dance audition.  Callbacks if necessary will be held on Sept. 26.
ROLES: 13 girls ages 8-13 including Annie
Leads- prepare a 30-60 second Broadway song.  You may use piano, CD, phone or other electronic device.  You may not sing a capella.  There will be no dance audition.
Chorus- prepare a 30-60 second Broadway song or sing a familiar song like "Happy Birthday."
ROLES: 20-24 males and females ages high school-adult including Miss Hannigan, Daddy Warbucks, Grace Farrell, Rooster and Lily and a large singing/dancing chorus.

REHEARSALS: Generally 3-4 nights per week from 7pm-9:30pm from Monday to Thursday with ocassional weekend rehearsals from Oct. 2-Nov. 15.

SHOWS: 5 public performances at the State Theatre Nov. 16-19.